The revolution has started

The Revolution has started: 

It is official, the change has begun. You have probably started to notice you are more conscious of what you put in your body. Even the Ex Big Wigs from McDonalds have seen the need for change and have jumped on the movement. 

LyfeKitchen, is a soon-to-be-chain of restaurants that might just shift the calculus of American cuisine. AtLyfe Kitchen (the name is an acronym for Love Your Food Everyday), all the cookies shall be dairy-free, all the beef from grass-fed, humanely raised cows. At LyfeKitchen there shall be no butter, no cream, no white sugar, no white flour, no high-fructose corn syrup, no GMOs, no trans fats, no additives, and no need for alarm: There will still be plenty of burgers, not to mention manifold kegs of organic beer and carafes of biodynamic wine. None of this would seem surprising if we were talking about one or 10 or even 20 outposts nationwide. But Lyfe’s ambition is to open hundreds of restaurants around the country, in the span of just five years.

For the moment the only Lyfe Kitchen is here on Hamilton Avenue in Palo Alto. It opened less than a year ago as a sort of prototype. But imagine tens of millions of local, sustainable gourmet meals, served with the efficiency and economy that one expects from a national fast-food chain. Such a feat of feeding has never before been attempted, and if Lyfe Kitchen succeeds, the results will reverberate far beyond our stomachs.

There is one overriding reason to believe that this venture will work. The cofounder and chief executive ofLyfe is Mike Roberts, former president and chief operating officer of McDonald’s. He and some of his erstwhile McDonald’s colleagues have bet a few million bucks that an eco-embracing, mega-natural startup will blaze the trail to their rightful share of the billions and billions served by Burger King, KFC, Subway, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Wendy’s.

Lyfe’s aim is not just to build a radically sustainable, healthy brand of fast food. The former Golden Archers hope to transform the way the world produces organic ingredients, doing for responsibly grown meat and veggies what McDonald’s did for factory-farmed beef. These days, the utopian vision of responsible agriculture is premised on a return to small and slow. If Roberts is right, though, we’ll have to swallow a paradox as preposterous as a vegan Whopper: The nirvana of eco-gastronomy may at long last be attained, but only thanks to the efficiencies of supply-chain management.

Mr. Baggz Travels well
A Note from a Client of ours:
This Independence Day I flew to Tampa, Florida to visit with family and go to the beach. My family is spread out all over the country, so I fly quite often. We have all experienced the vast array of processed food options in and around the airport. Getting a good quality meal squeezed into a travel day is not an easy task when the options are reduced to quick service restaurants or bread heavy sandwiches at the news stand.
During this trip I was prepared with a spaghetti entrée from Brown Bag Delivers. During my layover in Dallas I pulled out this tasty dish as I charged my phone by the Samsung charging tower. Naturally the tower was surrounded by young people charging their phones. In my case, it was 3 teenage boys sitting nearby. I should explain that this wasn’t just spaghetti and meatballs - oh no. This was spaghetti with sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, basil and a light amount of olive oil. The flavor of the tomatoes and basil carried the dish, which I love. Hopefully I didn’t make any “mmm” noises while eating, but I must have been very focused and enjoying my meal because those boys took notice. I swear that one of them was drooling while watching me eat. While I am not bad on the eyes, it clearly was not me he was watching - it was the food.
The airport is a funny place to hang out. This little travel vignette reminds me that food is one of the few universal commonalities I have with the rest of the world. Could it be that food is the key to world peace? J
~ Candi
Join Us for National Fruit and Vegetable Month

Fruits and Veggies!?

 Even though National Whatever Month titles come a dime a dozen in this day and age we still recognize that National Fruit and Vegetable month is one worth recognizing. The month of June is filled with fresh, seasonal produce, which gives the fruit and vegetable process a lot cheaper, easier and tastier. Why don’t you celebrate with us and try out a new fruit or vegetable. I strongly recommend Jackfruit!

Meet the Chef

Justin Trapani was born and raised in Queens, New York. After graduating from Penn State University, he moved to Austin, became a sous-chef, then, following an opportunity to work at the Micheline-rated Spotted Pig in New York City, he returned home. After several years as a chef at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the call of Austin grew too loud to ignore. Chef Trapani now leads the entire Brown Bag kitchen team.

Forever Young! 5 Secrets to the fountain of youth

Throughout history, there have been tales of about a legendary Fountain of Youth that could restore the health and vitality to anyone that drank from its waters.  By the 1500’s the Fountain’s legend became so popular that famous Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce De Leon gave up on acquiring treasure and spent his energy searching for these waters of longevity.  Even though Ponce De Leon went on to discover Florida as a result of his quest, the Fountain of Youth still alluded him and every man that has sought it since. Today, the secrets of how such a Fountain can deliver youth would be considered priceless.  Now for the Secrets!

Secret #1  Get A Full Night Of Sleep


 Secret #2  Eat A Healthy Breakfast


Secret #3 Stay “On Purpose” and Have Fun


Secret #4 Get Daily Exercise


Secret #5 Make Sure To Take Rests


Don’t Make Sleep, Exercise, Diet or Humor “Expendable”

Honey do list. 1.) Build Square foot garden for under $50
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We have handcuffed Lighting and thrown thunder in jail! - Ali


We are often asked if we at Brown Bag Delivers sell TV Dinners. While a simple description of our service might make one believe that our meals are simply fancy frozen meals, but lets take a closer look at what frozen meals really offer you:
Tuna Noodle Gratin or Lex Luthors next cunning plan to wipe out humanity? I will let you decide!
In this image we are promised a delicious Salisbury Steak and some amazing Mac and Cheese, but what did we really get? Rubbery meat in a gel like substance and mac and cheese that would have Thomas Edison turning in his grave for giving us the tools to invent the microwave… That hits the spot!
I keep hearing how AMAZING the Swedish meatballs at IKEA are, but honestly every time I think of them, this is exactly what I imagine I am going to end up getting. 
Lasagna, yucksagna...
In the world of frozen meals the word Traditional seems to take on a new meaning. This is the WMD Apophis should have sent to earth through the Stargate.
Dr. Who himself couldn’t send this Chicken and Rollatini  back into Mordor…

SUPPORT THE SCREAM TEAM AND THE HILL COUNTRY RIDE FOR AIDS! For every $35 you donate receive 1 free meal from BROWN BAG Delivers The Screamer Company is our Ad Agency and they are participating in this year’s Hill Country Ride and we’re asking for your support. Every little bit helps. We’ve been training and have raised a little over $1,100, but $3,000 is our goal! Click the link below and find support us in our effort to raise money and help fight HIV/AIDS in Central Texas. Send us an email with your donation receipt to and we will send you a gift card via email. Click here to place your order

¡Viva la Revolución! against the quick Lunch Sandwich

Brown Bag DeliversWatch Me!


During meetings we all face the same decision of going through the book of menus and choosing from the same old thing. Now Brown Bag Delivers has right that wrong we deliver fresh hot meals to your office for groups of 10 to 1,000 :) we creates delicious healthy fresh meals and delivers them to your office with a SMILE. 

Here’s a quick summary of how we make our magic:

* Our customers purchase a package of meal credits and choose how and when they want to use them.

* Our chef’s create new menus each month with exciting new dishes and established office favorites.

* Our meals along with detailed descriptions and important health information is posted on our site weeks in advance.

* Each office can place their order with a simple drag-and-drop meal calendar and Brown Bag will deliver the meals on those dates.

Interested? Sign up directly on our  and we will set up a presentation date bring by samples for you and your staff. 

Need more time for …?  We got it in the bag.

Welcome Brown Baggers

Welcome  fellow Brown Baggers to the Brown Bag Delivers movement.  You guys are the pioneers and  the trend setters that will set the tone for all those who will follow. You are our army in the mission to provide a healthier alternative to cheap fast food that lures so many people in for its convenience and price.  We want to be just as affordable but even more convenient and exponentially better for you.  

We also want to make sure our clients have more time for the things that matter.  Parents want time with their kids, young professionals want time to be productive and have fun, bachelors want time for beer and sports, the health conscious want time to exercise, etc…. We offer a healthy, high quality alternative to spending that time at the grocery store or in the kitchen. 

When I say high quality I mean trained chef and nutritionist quality meals served in portions that will fill your belly without altering your waist line. Dishes like shrimp stuffed tilapia, pear and red wine braised short ribs, 
sweet potato risotto and other amazing deliciousness. The deadline to order for next week is fast approaching so you better head to the website and get yours. 

As always, PLEASE give us feedback on your most recent Brown Bag experience.  Tell us how happy you are with our delivery guys, tell us your grandmother’s secret recipe you think we should make next week or tell us you can’t live without us.  We strive to continue to be the best.  We don’t just listen to and consider all feedback, we rely on it.  Make Brown Bag yours as we continue to expand our operations and time saving offerings.  

Need more time for …?  We got it in the bag.

Brown Bag, Bringing food into the next century.
Remember the future promised to us in our early days? In those days of booming technology it seemed like nothing was beyond our grasp. We were told that the 21st century would bring us untold wonders to simplify our lives. By the year 1999 science would have solved all major problems humanity faced; disease, famine, natural disasters even cooking would be a thing of the past.
     Now that 1999 has come and gone (by quite a bit!) we can take a look back at our future past and ask ourselves, where did our dreams go? Where is my flying car and my roof top zeppelin bay? Perhaps, like me, you also feel a bit robbed without your sonic dishwasher and atomic cooking device!? 
     Lets face it, the programmable automatic kitchen and door to door bakeries are nowhere to be seen, and I doubt they will ever fully develop. Sure we’ve had some innovations in the kitchen, but cooking a pot roast is still as time consuming and frustrating as it ever was! That is, until Brown Bag Delivers…
     Brown Bag Delivers strives to bridge high technology with haute cuisine. Sure, we still can’t provide the convenience of the food replicators that provided the crew of the Enterprise with over 1 Bajillion food choices from all over the Alpha Quadrant, but what we can provide is a delicious new menu prepared by master chefs every week, delivered to your door.
     Brown Bag not only takes away the hassle and tedium of elaborate cookery, but we also do it at a price that will make you your grandmother proud. 
     For those of you that are still on the proverbial fence about trying us out, we offer a guarantee, If you don’t enjoy our food the next week is on us!